2Cript Remote – Large

100,00  / month

1 hour of installation of 2Cript Remote costs 100 EUR, but we have decided for everyone who orders online through our shop, the installation is free.

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Your data safely guarded. Always and everywhere.

What happens with your business and personal data in case of computer or software failure? What if your local backup is no longer available? What if you were a victim of a cyber attack? How will you then provide your customers with data privacy, responsible conduct, as well as be GDPR compliant?
Not such unlikely scenarios, right? There is no need to panic… if your data is most safely stored somewhere else. At that point you wish you had 2Cript Remote. Now, you can.

2Cript Remote enables you with a real-time back-up of all of your sensitive data in a Swiss Data bank center, in a remote secured bunker, protected against radiation, physical attacks and natural disasters, and it can’t be accessed by any third party.

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100 GB

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10x Backup job


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