2Cript Remote

Your data safely guarded. Always and everywhere.

What happens with your business and personal data in case of computer or software failure? What if your local backup is no longer available? What if you were a victim of a cyber attack? How will you then provide your customers with data privacy, responsible conduct, as well as be GDPR compliant?
Not such unlikely scenarios, right? There is no need to panic… if your data is most safely stored somewhere else. At that point you wish you had 2Cript Remote. Now, you can.

2Cript Remote enables you with a real-time back-up of all of your sensitive data in a Swiss Data bank center, in a remote secured bunker, protected against radiation, physical attacks and natural disasters, and it can't be accessed by any third party.

2Cript Remote BENEFITS

  • 100 % reliable and trustworthy remote back-up in iStor Swiss Data bank centers
  • real-time high level backup/archive tasks (databases, file repositories, finance, ERP, HRM, …)
  • local on-site support
  • immediate data recovery in case of catastrophe
  • perfect for making your business processes GDPR compliant


  • Multilevel global de-duplication of data at source

  • Data encryption with four different algorithms – AES, Two Fish, Mars and Serpent

  • Integrated user and rights management system for a truly independent operation

  • Intelligent data selection and filtering system

  • Multi-level protection against unauthorized installation of a monitoring application

  • Suspicious activity detection system

  • Central Control System – All your computers can be controlled and administered through a central console

  • Data replication with a system to prevent replication of corrupted data

  • Easy central control of computers in different time zones

  • Possible integration with locally specific applications

  • Advanced system for managing pre- and post-backup procedures

  • Easy and transparent labelling of computers for easier review and control in larger systems with hundreds or thousands of computers

  • Extensive reports for a clear and at the same time detailed overview of implementation

  • Optimization of network connection consumption

2Cript Remote Installation

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    Upon order you set the installation date and your PC system, we will contact you in the next 24 hours to confirm your installation date.

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    You would need TeamViewer installed on PC for 2Cript Remote installation and configuration.

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    Skype, Zoom or Teams to be able to communicate remotly in order to explain the whole process of setting up your personal data vault back-up system depending on how it suits you best.

Setting up 2Cript Remote automatic data vault backup takes up to 1 hour, but usually earlier, depending on your system. Manual is included.
If you request additional engagement, we will send you a price list with our services and we will be happy to help you with further engagement.

One month - FREE TRIAL

We offer a free trial - first month free.

Credit card at check out is required. To void billing after free trial, cancelation of subscription is required before the end of monthly billing. Automatically billed one month after the purchase.