2Cript GDPR

Whether you like it or not, you simply must be GDPR compliant.

Allow us to help you with that. We hold several DPO certificates, as well as the ISO-27001 certificate for information security, and are thus able to offer a wholesome expertise in the field of personal data security in cyber space.

Our professional approach, thoroughness, efficiency, and reasonably priced services will make your business GDPR compliant without having to decrease your working pace, let alone interrupt your business processes.

Wide array of GDPR services for your specific business

  • Our approach begins with a careful examination of your organizational and data structure.
  • We construct a map of your data, and equip you with several templates, examples and samples for mapping you data collections, which save a lot of your time.
  • We equip you with numerous templates for gaining consensus.
  • We offer a sample for your Privacy policy and an Internal rule book for data protection. Even more, we can write them down for you.
  • You can also hire our Data protection officers (DPO) instead of employing one permanently.



  • User management module
  • Data processing policy module
  • Data Subject Repository Module with search functionality
  • Audit Trail Module
  • GDPR workflow module

Backend API

  • Exposes REST interface
  • Written in Java using Spring Boot framework
  • Provides Swagger API documentation

Front End GUI

  • Browser based interface, supports Chrome, Firefox, EDGE
  • Written in Javascript using Angular4/ionic3 framework
  • Works on mobile browsers
  • Supports localization